Plain facts thanks to our scientists

The Interconnected Nature of Life on Earth

Including the detrimental effect of human interference
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Imperial College London

Courses and training in the latest developments in the conservation of ecosystems and the environment.

Scientists Warning at Foresight Group, EU Commission

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The Mechanics of Global Warming

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An Alternative to Fossil Fuel

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Drawdown: 100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming

Edited by Paul Hawken

A comprehensive plan to reverse global warming offering solutions and connections, from a range of qualified and diverse people

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Living Energies

Viktor Schauberger’s Brilliant Insight into the Workings of Natural Energy by Coats, Callum (December 31, 1995)

An accessible translation of Viktor Schauberger’s complex inter related ideas. His profound understanding of the energetic interdependence upon which all life is founded encounters the accepted laws of physic. This book is a mine of information for development of technologies that use energy, motion, flow and implosion.

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“Why couldn’t we learn from them? The Mamas know that there are special sites and they are threaded together.”